Thursday, October 1, 2015

month in objects: september

clothing tag: because it's really fun to shop on the champs élyées / metro stubs: because I bought a carnet / key cards: because hotel stays are lovely / jameson: because whiskey is delicious / euros: because the exchange rate was good / coaster: because irish pubs are cozy / curious incident ticket: because it really was one of the best shows ever / mad ticket: because you can never have too many art museums (and because smithsonian day live) / dingle map, kilkenny map: because it's fun to be analogue / metro map: because I rode that thing like a boss / musée d'orsay, guinness, eiffel tower, sainte-chapplle stubs: because being a tourist really really really fun / 6a: because sometimes your seat assignments are handwritten

month in objects is my documentation system for 2015 - each month I create and photograph a collage of items that represent that month - and then toss most of the actual items in the trash. By the end of the year, I'll have 12 photographs and (hopefully) a lot less clutter. read january's story and the origin of this project here. want to see previous months? february / march / april may / june / july  / august 

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