Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple and Brie Tarts

Because sometimes, you need a delicious treat that's easy to make but that still tastes like every wonderful part of fall ;)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Free PDF - Quick Reference Guide to Common Patterns!

While tooling around my pretty new MacBook Air (I recently kicked to the curb gave my father my old, white MacBook circa 2006) and teaching myself the ins and outs of Numbers and Pages, I created this - a quick reference guide to some common design patterns.

Why this on a pie blog? Well, why not? Sometimes you just really need to know what Damask looks like.

Feel free to copy/pin/use this for all your designing purposes, or email me at if you'd like a larger PDF; just make sure to always give credit where credit is due!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheddar Apple Hand Pies

I haven't jumped on the pumpkin train yet. It's still in the low 80's here in New York, and there's something about still being in shorts and tank tops that doesn't quite make me think of fall foods and warm drinks. But, whether the weather agrees with it or not, it is apple season - and who am I to deny a fruit it's rightful place in the seasonal lexicon!

I had been wanting to try a cheddar pie crust for a while, and this recipe from Martha Stewart seemed like the right one for a first timer. Instead of baking an entire pie though, I made little hand pies so that I could throw one in a baggie and take it to work for a break-time treat.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some final New Hampshire pics

I'm back in New York. Finally. And while I have a whole slew of pie posts and projects planned for this fall (gonna get back on the pie train real soon, I promise!), I would like to share one last batch of pictures from my summer in New Hampshire. Enjoy!

1.) Driving through Vermont
2.) Lake Champlain. Oh so pretty.
3.) 'Twas a good day for boating!
4.) Bug caught in tree sap. Close up. Very artsy.
5.) Waterfall in Franconia Notch State Park
6.) Blue moon in the White Mountains
7.) Group shot at the Mount Washington Hotel (picture courtesy of Mark Bradley Miller Photography)
8.) I can see Canada! 
9.) Hiking Cannon Mountain