Wedding 101

I'm walking down the aisle in October 2016 - join me in my attempt to plan an awesome (and awesomely organized!) wedding as I blog my way through this process. I'll be sharing what worked - and what didn't - and hopefully I'll make sense of this crazy thing they call "the wedding industry" along the way ;)

My story
*The engagement
*Finding a venue
*The dress
*Save the date

Tips, tricks, and how-to's
*Building your wedding planning binder
*Questions to ask during your venue search
*Hiring a photographer


  1. It's the perfect place for a reception -- before or after the event, with plenty of space for people to move around. The San Francisco wedding venues are large with room for plenty of tables. There is a stage to the right side of the room, where your presenters can be seen or the bride and groom can take their vows.

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