Wednesday, May 1, 2013

365/photo-a-day - April wrap-up

sunset - cooking with tea - more sunset - N-train tracks - lunch break
empty rehearsal hall - drinks with TP - spring shoes - fresh spinach - mmm bagels
31st ave. - fancy dinner - homemade broccoli soup - girls' night - q'boro plaza

I ran somewhat into the proverbial wall this month - I struggled creatively, and finding the inspiration to take even remotely interesting photos was difficult for me. Maybe it was the weather - I kept expecting to walk out the door and be greeted with the summer wind, but I was still rocking the pea coat until just a few days ago. Maybe it was my fairly monotonous schedule - I started a lengthy rehearsal process and was gifted a free month at New York Sports Club, so I spent the majority of my time in colorless studios and gyms instead of outside or doing yoga. Or maybe it was just a quarter-year slump - for the first time in a while, I didn't have a trip, holiday, or fun excursion to look forward to and photograph.

That's not to say I had a bad month. I really don't mean to be such a downer! Walks into Manhattan, dinners with friends, and attempts to figure out just what is going on in poor Don Draper's mind made for an easy and relaxing month - just nothing exciting enough to photograph with much enthusiasm.

But maybe that's the point of this project (and I'm kind of sussing this out as I write). It's easy to take the photo when it's all bright and shiny and pretty and there are babies or puppies or cupcakes, but it's much harder when you get up/go to work/come home/eat a defrosted veggie burger/go to bed/lather/rinse/repeat. So that's when and where the latent creativity needs to surface - the search to find the interesting in the mundane, the beauty in the everyday.

I'm beginning to think I come to this conclusion at the end of every month. But it's only Month #4, and these realizations just make me love this project even more.

April by the numbers
Photos looking down (feet or hands): 3
Photos looking up at sky and/or buildings: 15
Photos of food and.or drink: 7
Photos of people: 1 - sadly, my newest low - next month I WILL be better about this!

365/Photo-a-day is a personal undertaking to capture one photograph per day in 2013. All photos were taken by me and processed with Instagram, Snapseed and/or PhotoToaster. The images were compiled using Picture Collage Maker Lite. Want to see my pics as they happen? Follow me - @maspad on Instagram!