Wednesday, October 14, 2015

afternoon delights

It's October and the weather is bipolar which makes my allergies angsty (who gets allergies in the fall? this girl does), which makes me cranky. But a weekend upstate for a friend's wedding gave me the chance to walk deep into the forrest (ok, like seven feet into the forrest) where I could stand and be surrounded by nothing but trees and quiet and feel like I'm the only person in the world. Which was awesome.'s what's good on the interwebs this month ;)

*Considering both sides of the Great Tipping Debate
*and all sides of that other debate
*it's an art form
*Seriously crushing on this 
*"Wedding inspiration" has gotten completely out of control (and I couldn't agree more)
*Far away from home 
*Made these and they were so so yum
*Bought this dress for a rehearsal dinner and it's as cute as it looks but now I'm officially a hipster
*So I'm putting this advice on repeat
*If I were looking for a new rug (which I'm not but if I were) I'd get one of these
*Even though I do NOT look that good running for a train
*I'm never leaving

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