Monday, October 12, 2015

a day in my life

October 9, 2015
8:52am - the eternal question - do I or do I not sign up for Total Body Workout?

8:56am - ok fine, I will

9:22am - but first, coffee

10:17am - I had over an hour to get ready. how am I nearly late to class?

10:22am - ok TBW (total body workout), let's see what you got

11:34am - it was a full hour of circuits and jump rope. I can't move so I'm just gonna look at pretty flowers

1:09pm - what did I do for the last hour and a half? I have no idea. I think I did the dishes or something. I probably took a shower? I need lunch.

1:10pm - food truck friday!!

1:26pm - falafel pita ftw.

3:50pm - I finally sat down to organize my notes and send a bunch of email regarding a meeting I had three days ago. also, the glamorous life of a stage manager.

4:16pm - thank you, queens public library. one book in...

4:21pm - ...and one book out.

4:32pm - another week, another csa haul.

4:52pm - oh right, I think it was supposed to rain today

4:54pm - yep. definitely rain.

5:03pm - 5:46pm - not pictured: Epic Balcony Garden Rescue

5:47pm - the plants are safe, I've dried off, and it looks like we're all hunkering down for a cozy night in.

7:29pm - pizza arrived on time and the cubs made it to the post-season. life is good.

9:01pm - ok well that game sucked but I finished another square for my blanket-to-be. now it's time to read in bed because when you're in your 30's there's nothing better than crawling into bed with a good book and a warm blanket before 10pm ;)

I used the popular Day in the Life photo/scrapbooking prompt to inspire me for this post. I've never been able to take part in the annual event where people all over the country document their lives on the same day (I think it's sometime in May), but I decided to change up an otherwise unremarkable Friday with my version of that exercise. All of the pictures were taken on my iPhone and, in the spirit of authenticity, remain completely unedited.

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