Wednesday, October 28, 2015

around here

October has been a funny little month. First I had no work, then I had too much work, and now I may have just the right amount of work. It was really hot, then it was cold, then it warmed back up, then it went down to freezing, now I have the window open again, and my allergies can't handle any of it. I went to a beautiful wedding in the Berkshires, saw a concert in Central Park, found a rooftop garden in the middle of Queens, had a million heart attacks as I watched my beloved Cubs make it to the finals, and then lost a bit of my soul (along with that ball) in the ivy sometime around the middle of Game 2. But there's always next year, right? We made some more headway in the wedding planning department, but then got delightfully sidetracked when we started talking honeymoon destinations. Galapagos Islands? Adriatic Sea? Vietnam and Thailand? The world is our oyster right now, and it's exhilarating but also overwhelming because the world is just so big! But I can't complain - this is a good problem to have ;)

1.) astoria park / 2.) bagel date / 3.) central park / 4.) sunbeam / 5.) crunch time / 6.) coffee talk / 7.) farmer's market / 8.) modern art / 9.) pepper time / 10.) hot date / 11.) rooftop farm / 12.) questlove

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