Wednesday, April 1, 2015

month in objects: March

b&r spa: because sometimes you need a massage. or maybe even two chipotle: because a steak burrito on a rainy double show saturday is often the only thing that gets you through the weekend dia: because a day trip to an art museum is always a good idea met museum: because you need to revisit your "friends" in the oceanic wing An American in Paris: because it's a ballet and it's gershwin and it's beautiful garnier: because dark chocolate is the color for spring flower: because flowers are for opening nights nysc: because it's time to bite the bullet and get yourself a gym membership pencil: because how often do you work hard enough to actually wear down the entire eraser? Heidi ticket: because every once in a while you fulfill a lifelong goal and work a broadway show palm: because your mom wanted you to go to palm sunday mass and you obliged travel IQ: because it's tradition MoMA: because it's fun to teach your parents about modern art

month in objects is my documentation system for 2015 - each month I create and photograph a collage of items that represent that month - and then toss most of the actual items in the trash. By the end of the year, I'll have 12 photographs and (hopefully) a lot less clutter. read january's story and the origin of this project here

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