Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I'm gonna try an experiment in October: I'm going to give up alcohol for the entire month.

Why would I do such a silly thing, you ask? Well, in exactly one year I will be walking down not just any aisle, but the aisle, and I need to start getting my body wedding-ready. I have a whole list of plans that may or may not come to fruition because they include things like "30 days unlimited hot yoga challenge" and "how to eat cauliflower for breakfast lunch and dinner," but my first step in looking Halter Top Hot is to do a bit of a detox. I figure that if this goes well and produces the results I'm expecting, I'll give up the drink again in January or February of next year, and then again right before the wedding.

I realize that there are about 58 flaws to my plan. First flaw: I really enjoy going out for drinks with friends, and I have the will power of a garden gnome. Second flaw: detoxing for a month probably won't get me any noticeable, physical results. Third flaw: It's entirely possible I'll just replace my glass of wine with a scoop of ice cream, which would directly counteract all the health benefits of giving up alcohol. Fourth flaw: I'm going to a wedding on October 3 and since I've already decided that I want to drink at both the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding, I'm giving myself a dispensation for those days and instead starting the detox on September 29, thereby failing my experiment BEFORE IT EVEN BEGINS.

But hey, I'm not doing much else this month. Outside of the aforementioned wedding I have no other social plans, and any holiday parties won't start until November. So while I'll be missing the height of all the pumpkin-spiced beers, I'll be just in time for Leine's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter, which (let's be honest), is really the reason for the season.

But in the meantime, anyone got any good juice recipes?

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