Monday, September 7, 2015

around here

We've been hit with some absolutely stunning weather recently (read: no humidity and tons of sunshine) and I took that opportunity to walk everywhere and anywhere. From laps around my neighborhood to exploring new blocks in LIC and Flushing to playing Tourist For a Day at the Met Museum (because how could I not at least stop in for a few hours?), I've given my Fitbit a run for it's money these past few weeks - which is good, because I'm still working off all that midwestern goodness from my trip to see family in early August. I feel a bit bad because just as everyone is wrapping up their summer vacays and going back to school and work, I'm getting started on my break. But then I notice how for the first time in months there aren't a million people everywhere and I'm able to zip in and out of stores without having to elbow my way to the sale rack and I stop feeling too bad and I look up and see beautifully puffy clouds in a bright blue sky while on my way to meet my lovely friends for a ridiculous adventure and I smile and remember why I moved to this city in the first place.

1.) I finally found the "secret" bookstore (Albertine's)
2.) Rooftop vibes
3.) Bench sitting
4.) Eating our way through Queens
5.) Art admiration. Artmiration? Let's go with that.
6.) Peekaboo skyline
7.) Sometimes a friend of a friend invites you to Sunday services at a Hindu temple. And so you go.
8.) Bought a coat and they threw in the views for free.
9.) Ruben craving.
10.) Astoria architecture.


  1. Yes to all of this. Your photos are an artists catnip. Thank you.

    1. "artist's catnip" - I love that phrase! Thank YOU!!