Tuesday, September 1, 2015

month in objects: august

met ticket: because I hadn't been there in a few months / doubletree: because we picked a venue / colored papers: because it's not just a job search it's a lifestyle change / bhldn: because I may have picked a dress / path pass: because surprise parties are even better when they're in jersey / whitney ticket: because we needed some culture / chopsticks: because spiritual quests often lead to culinary quests / lottery tickets: because I've never laughed harder / ravinia tickets: because family + jazz + summer nights = awesome / lct3 pass: because happy closing (and one more workshop after that) / receipt: because it's good to grab a drink with an old friend / trainwreck: because it's a great way to spend a saturday night

month in objects is my documentation system for 2015 - each month I create and photograph a collage of items that represent that month - and then toss most of the actual items in the trash. By the end of the year, I'll have 12 photographs and (hopefully) a lot less clutter. read january's story and the origin of this project here. want to see previous months? february / march / april may / june / july

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