Wednesday, July 8, 2015

These are the days

of late morning bagels and early afternoon pita pizzas 
   and izzy sodas all day long

of wedding planning and venue visiting
   and Pinteresting until way too late

of CSA pickups and fresh summer veggies
   and leafy greens for days

of binging on bad tv and reading trashy mags
   and not feeling bad about any of it

of long walks to work and short walks around the house
   just to make those 10,000 steps

of job hunting and vacation planning
   and saving my pennies because of both

of rooting for the cubs and cheering for the mets
   and knowing that they'll get 'em next year

of dancing backstage and whisky in the office
   and celebrating an extra two weeks of work

of loving the heat and the sun and the crazy long days
   even if I only see the sun set through a corner of a hallway window

of sleeping in and staying out late
   and knowing that these days won't last forever
   because things change
   and people grow
   so I'm going to enjoy them while they last.

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