Wednesday, July 15, 2015

afternoon delights

It's hot out. Like really, stupidly, stickily, annoyingly hot. And somehow I failed (again) to make friends with someone who has a rooftop pool. BUT it's better to be hot than cold, and the greenmarkets are exploding with cherries and blueberries as far as the eye can see. So pour yourself a cool drink, splay out in front of the nearest fan, and enjoy some of the strange and wonderful things the internet has brought us this month ;)

* I'm always game for a good personality test
* Looks so cool (maybe next year!)
* She makes some good points (and includes some great links as well)
* In honor of pink plastic flamingos 
* No, we are NOT done eating
* There are 2 kinds of people
* Everything is awful (but it's going to be ok)
* Remembering Vignelli
* Something old something new something goat and something blue
* My photog crush of the month
* And my guilty pleasure of the summer

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