Monday, July 27, 2015

around here

Summer is in full swing here in New York, and after a horribly humid first few weeks of July, we've finally gotten some relief and have been treated to the most loveliest of sunny and breezy afternoons. The farmer's market is overflowing with giant berries and stone fruits, my CSA is providing me with more zucchini's than I know what to do with (but chocolate chip zucchini bread is a good start), I took myself on a solo one-day staycation to Rockaway Beach and gorged on books and tacos, there's a bizarrely cool art installation in Madison Square Park that I was finally able to check out, and long walks to work and on weekend dinner breaks have not only helped me dominate my Fitbit step count but also given me the urban eye candy this city is so well known for. Getting organized is the name of the game for me these days - I took an entire afternoon to obsessively reorganize the kitchen cabinets while once and for all telling the Tupperware who's boss, and I'm already making wedding to-do lists and schedules like it's my job (because it kind of actually is). There's only one more week left of the show I've been working on since April and then I'm taking a month off from theater to recharge and reassess a whole bunch of career stuff - a terrifying undertaking, but a necessary step that is long overdue. Until then, though, I'll be soaking up every last ray of sunshine I can get my hands (and face and tank-topped shoulders) on - happy summer!

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