Tuesday, April 1, 2014

week of awesomeness - day 02

I don't want to jinx it, but spring may actually actually finally be here. It was in the 50's today in New York, and the knit hat that I've been rocking for the past six months was pleasantly too warm. I decided to seek out spring in the most likely of places today - a botanical garden. Since I'd already trekked to the one in Brooklyn last fall (and couldn't emotionally handle a trip up to the Bronx), I chose to keep it local and head out to the Queens Botanical Garden. Unfortunately for my Week of Awesomeness, however, the plants had not gotten the memo that it's alright for them to come out. I was met with a lot of dirt and wood chips, but not one single piece of color. I did manage to find an interesting branch thing (disclaimer: I know nothing about plants) that was oddly placed in front of a free-standing window in the middle of an otherwise empty garden.

I snapped a photo and headed back home, slightly dejected at the prospect of having my personal nature photography class cut so short.

But wait! I live in New York City! If you don't like one park, just go to another! And so I did, heading to Central Park and finding a sole sign of floral civilization amongst a whole lot of humans and their canines (see: the above yellow flower).

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. The day wasn't a total bust though, because once I gave up on my search for plant life, I focused my attention on playing around with my new DSLR (best birthday ever/best boyfriend ever), attempting to teach myself how to shoot in manual. I've been intentionally misusing the settings (I learn things by literally breaking them down and then putting them back together), and while most pictures are destined for the trash, this one turned out to be pretty cool:

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