Monday, March 31, 2014

week of awesomeness - day 01

I am without employment this week, but I say that without negativity or resentment. Small chunks of unemployment come with the freelance territory, and I have experienced a blessedly small lack of work in the past seven years. Adding to my positive outlook is the fact that I am without a job for this week, and this week only - I have a few small gigs lined up over the rest of the month, and then launch into a massive project at the beginning of May - so really, I'm on more of a forced staycation.

Taking an exotic trip wasn't in the budget this time around (and really, I did go to Belize not that long ago), but just because I'm trying to save my pennies doesn't mean I have to live like a hermit. So this week, I am allowing myself one purely-for-fun, slice of awesomeness per day. Today's mission? Bake a loaf of bread. From scratch. Why? Because why not? Oh and also because I recently cashed in some gift cards and bought myself my first ever dutch oven (Martha Stewart, 6-quart, in red), and apparently that's how you bake bread these days.

I followed this blogger's suggestion and used this recipe for No-Knead Bread (based on the original from Sullivan St. Bakery, and it turned out wonderfully. The Week of Awesomeness is officially off to a great start.

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