Monday, March 24, 2014

52 photos/weeks 9-12

 9.) Nothing pleases me more than going for a walk and discovering newly installed public art in Madison Square Park (Iv├ín Navarro's This Land is Your Land)
10.) I was wondering around the upper east side late one chilly afternoon when I caught a sliver of a sunset through the trees. A few steps up to the Reservoir, and I got to watch the colors dance in the sky.
11.) When you go all the way to Flushing for a 9am meeting that gets cancelled only after you get off the train, you get soup dumplings for breakfast. Because it's never too early for dumplings.
12.) Repotting my new succulents and trying to turn my black thumb green.

52 photos is my personal challenge to take one awesome picture per week in 2014. All photos were taken by me and my iPhone 5s and if edited, with Snapseed and/or Instagram. Follow me - @maspad - to see these and many more pics!

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