Friday, March 14, 2014

weekend link love 02

*Here is a good reminder not to work too hard.

*Some local love - they're talking about the possibility of a Queens highline (yes please!) and the new Astoria Flea & Food Market will be located in the Kauffman-Astoria backlot!

*An interesting series on how to pick and keep a life partner.

*Book report: I couldn't put down Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch - it's a hefty read (it clocks in at 784 pages) but it takes you on a wild journey from New York to Las Vegas to Amsterdam as the protagonist tries to protect a stolen work of art. I repeat - I couldn't. put it. down.

*This blew my mind!

*I'm thinking it's time to treat myself to a new film camera from Lomography ;)

*Did you ever wonder what would happen if artists designed buildings? Because this guy did. And the result is awesome. 

*A public note to Instagram - thank you, thank you for making the lux effect slider!

*Nerd Alert: I know they're only one episode in, but I'm loving the new Cosmos series on the National Geographic channel.

*Did you (or are you planning to) watch the Veronica Mars movie this weekend? I curled up with a giant tub of popcorn and loved every minute of it. Go Pirates!

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