Friday, April 11, 2014

weekend link love 03

*Ever wanted to crack an egg underwater? These guys did. And the results are pretty rad.

*Last week I made a loaf of no-knead bread and was insanely happy with the results. Now, I can't wait to try some variations - cinnamon nut! cheese and chive! pepper and garlic! chocolate! - the possibilities are endless.

*I try to keep my theater life separate from my blog life, but this hit home.

*For all the budding subway cartographers out there (don't be shy, I know you exist!) a reimagining of the New York City subway. I kinda dig it!

*It was the OED 2013 Word of the Year, so you might as well read a seriously fascinating history of the selfie.

*Spring has sprung in New York (finally), so you might as well cover yourself with a pretty yellow umbrella!

*This takes playing with your food to a whole new (and visually stunning) level

*While here you can take a trip around the world through all your favorite foods.

*And for your daily dose of pie, this is so simple yet so effective.

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