Monday, April 7, 2014

week of awesomeness - days 05-07

Sometimes, your week becomes so lovely and pleasant and so sincerely rad that you just don't have time to blog about it. Which is probably ok, because it's not like too many people even read this thing (thanks, dad!) But then Sunday night turns into Monday morning, and you wake up and it's chilly and rainy and grey for billionth time this year, and you look back on your week and smile.

because you took a rainy walk to an art museum

and had a lovely little solo lunch at a new bao shop

and added another mile to the running log

and went to a Mets game

and froze your butt off, but it was ok because you had beer and Shake Shack

and watched your boyfriend remember to water the plants

and took a leisurely walk to a flea market underneath the Pepsi sign

and finally tackled that tower of old magazines on the coffee table

and then curled up on the couch with Indian takeout and episodes of The Americans.

So here's to you, Week of Awesomeness. Thanks for letting me play ;)

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