Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 new year's resolutions

I always say "I'm not one for New Year's resolutions," but honestly, I only say that because I think it's what I'm supposed to say, like I'm better than or have evolved from making resolutions. In reality, I love resolutions. They're giant goals that I can work towards achieving all year long, and I love nothing more than accomplishing medium-level challenges by breaking them down into small, attainable steps. And then I can check in on myself at various points over the year and grade myself on how I'm doing. I mean, who wouldn't love this process!

I'm trying something slightly new this year - a bunch of really specific, quantifiable goals. I've learned that I work best when given strict directions and parameters, and I realize that when I say things like "get healthier" I'm only setting myself up for failure because a) I never defined what I meant by "healthier' and b.) I didn't lay out the particular steps I'd take to get said healthier. In theory, this will allow me to plan ahead ("in June I will try ___ recipe") and not have too many surprises along the way. Although yes, I know, the best way to make God laugh is to tell her your plans, so we'll see how all this pans out.

Take 4 rolls of film
Analogue photography is not just a moderately expensive hobby (processing and printing a roll is around $15), it's also unpredictable and a bit cumbersome (I have to remember to bring my Diana or pinhole cameras in the first place, and then who knows what kind of pictures will actual come of them). The thing is though, when I do go on an analogue photo trek, I find such joy in the entire process and am often so happy with the results. So I'm evoking the spirit of Ansel Adams and embracing the unexpected and making a point to take 4 full rolls of film this year.

Choose 10 countries and read a book or play by a writer from each
I'm an avid reader, but I tend to read books written exclusively by American or British writers. There's a whole word out there, and it's time I took a look at what everyone else is writing about. I haven't decided which books or countries yet, but I want to hit all 6 continents (can Antartica claim any writers?) and I'm only claiming the UK if it's a "classic" I never bothered to read in high school (I'm looking at you, Jane Austen).

Stop biting my nails
I'm 31 and I bite my nails and they're a mess and it's ridiculous and it needs to stop now.

Mediate and/or journal 3 times/week
I wasn't sure if I should combine these two actions, meditation and journaling. I realize that they are two completely different things, but I'm not good at meditation and I am good at journaling, so I figure that maybe the journaling will be a jumping off point for the meditation? I've got some research to do on this one.

Expand my bread-making repertoire with 4 new rolls 
I can do challah and the no-knead, but I really want to try different types of bread. I think I can manage four new recipes, no?

Ride the Staten Island Ferry
This one is a bit silly, but I've lived in New York for 6 years now and have never set foot on Staten Island. It's the only borough I have yet to visit, and I should probably do it if I want to consider myself a true New Yorker. Also, it's an incredibly cheap and easily achievable goal, and we all need one of those ;)

What are your goals for 2016?

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