Thursday, January 14, 2016

status update

I'm back in black and rehearsing a new full-length play for the first time since last summer. Things that are on my mind: do I remember how to be a stage manager? (answer: probably) am I a sell-out for going back to stage management because I need the health insurance even though I said I was going to investigate other routes of employment? (answer: not at all) will I loose my mind trying to move and organize 55 different pieces of furniture because this play is natural realism and we have to put an entire house on stage? (answer: hopefully no, but probably yes). In other news: we got a new coffee maker and I finally bought a humidifier, so we're pretty much single-handedly keeping the small appliance industry in business. Also, I can't stop watching the Planet Earth series on Netflix. Two words: earth porn. Finally, some other interestings and oddities:

* One of the most honest and fascinating #longreads I've read in a while
* This is Home
* Who wants to start a cookbook club with me?
* I will take one of each, please
* My thoughts exactly
* Speaking of Netflix, this site exists and now I'm not going to get any work done. Ever.
* How to write better headlines (spoiler alert: apparently mine suck)
* And I thought the 6 train was crowded
* Tough questions generate much better results
* Priority passenger

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