Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12 best of 2012

While the first day of the year is a fantastic time to prepare, make plans, set goals (I will use that passport!!!) and take a turn on the ole' elliptical, it's also really fun to look back at the previous year and make note of some highlights. So without further ado, here are my favorite pie moments of 2012!

*A slice of my Lemon and Lavender Icebox Pie

 *The day that my roommate and I made a pie pilgrimage to Four & Twenty Blackbirds ended with four eaten devoured slices of pie. It warranted two pictures.

 *I made a basic strawberry rhubarb pie, but what stole the scene was the uncut strawberries from the grocery store.

 *My Cheddar Apple Hand Pies were one of my favorite treats all year...but then again, I really like savory food ;)

 *Making my own extracts not only generated my most popular post of 2012, but also 5 different flavors that I still incorporate into my daily baking.

*I stopped at a street fair near my apartment and picked up a favorite local snack - spanakopita - otherwise known as Greek cheese pie.

*I recently made walnut tartlets for a friend's tea party and was so pleased with how this picture turned out!

*Friends and I celebrated this past year's presidential election with what I dubbed Rock-the-Vote Whoopie Pies - patriotically colored red and blue, of course.

*I got up close and personal with the ingredients in a basic pie crust. Pictured here are a handful of salt crystals.

*One simply cannot have too much apple, sage and goat cheese in one's life.

*Finally, I was invited by the awesome people of Pie Face to experience mini pies and major views from the top of the Mondrian SoHo Hotel during a launch party to celebrate the opening of their first American location. Love this city.

Here's to happiness, health, and a wealth of pies in 2013 ;)

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