Thursday, January 29, 2015

around here

I'm back in rehearsals this month for a big show that's taking up pretty much most of my time and energy, but I had two glorious weeks of staycation right at the beginning of January. I accomplished a smattering of really boring tasks (laundry! organize nightstand drawer! haircut!) but I also enjoyed some beautifully lazy days in the kitchen, a couple of long walks with friends, and even a quick trip to Cincinnati for a family event. With grey skies, cold weather, and short days, I often have to remind myself to pull out the camera (even if it is just my iPhone) - but I did manage to find a few photographable moments ;)

1.) The Zamboni flies past the tree at Rockefeller Center / 2.) Wintery mix in midtown / 3.) One last look at my tree before it goes back into storage / 4.) Nothing is better than homemade bread right out of the oven / 5.) It's Murphy's Law that it will rain on the very day I need to run a million errands / 6.) Travel nerds unite at the NYT Travel Show / 7.) Ciao, New York! / 8.) Grey skies / 9.) Need to get those 10,000 steps? Pick a destination and go / 10.) DAY -> LGA

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