Wednesday, December 3, 2014

afternoon delights

For your enjoyment, amusement, and procrastination - a collection of some of the more fascinating moments the internet has to offer that will hopefully help usher your December into a month full of snow-filled walks, tree-trimming parties, and cozy nights with a hot beverage in hand (whether it be of the chocolate or toddy variety is up to you).

*The art of writing a recipe

*And some more thoughts on writing a recipe

*Couldn't put down Wild or Gone Girl? Me neither. Now read this interview with both authors.

*How to read a cookbook

*A lengthy and fascinating article about what happened when they put a Whole Foods in downtown Detroit.

*Thanksgiving has come and gone, but these turkey dinners plated in the style of famous painters is here to stay.

*Here is a baby swaddled to look like a tortilla. You're welcome.

*They figured out how to print a sheet of light and I want it now.

*You guys. John Cameron Mitchell is back as Hedwig and I've already bought my ticket. Be still my heart.

*I tried a personal styling service and had a box of clothing delivered to my door. I found a sweater I love and I've already scheduled my next Fix. Wanna get in on the clothing action too? Click this link to use me as a referral!

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