Monday, December 1, 2014

52 photos/weeks 45-48

45.) When one of your best friends has a tree-trimming party on November 3, you don't ask questions. You just show up, drink the mulled wine, hang an ornament, and don't think about the fact that it's 68 degrees outside and you're sweating in your Christmas sweater.
46.) Celebrating 2 years with this handsome guy.
47.) I was in the middle of one of the longest work stretches in a while - 9 straight days in a darkened theater, and opportunities to snap any sort of photo were few and far between. However, a quick stop at the farmer's market was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) and the pumpkins wore their best colors just for me.
48.) The Gate To the Theater Was Down and I Didn't Bring The Key But I Had The Code To the Stairwell So I Luckily Didn't Have to Wait in The Cold. (#working title) (#livingthedream)

52 photos is my personal challenge to take one awesome picture per week in 2014. All photos were taken by me on either my iPhone 5s or Cannon EOS Rebel T3i (my "big girl" camera). If edited, I use Snapseed, Instagram, or Adobe Lightroom. Follow me - @maspad - to see these and many more pics!

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