Wednesday, November 5, 2014

afternoon delights

I'm changing things up around here! Weekend Link Love has moved to Wednesday afternoons and is now called Afternoon Delights. Why? Because a.) I think people have more of a need for an interwebinal distraction on a Wednesday afternoon than on a Saturday morning b.) it's the beginning of November and firsts of the month signal not just rent checks but also positive changes c.) this is my blog and I do what I want d.) all of the above.

I hope you're staying cozy in whatever corner of the world you reside. Winter has roared it's way in to New York, and all I'm gonna say is thank goodness for hot coffee and fuzzy slippers ;)**

   Ed note: when I prepped this post over the weekend, the weather outside was truly frightful. Today, it's 65 and sunny. New York is bi-polar.

* Good advice for small-space dwellers.

* In another world (one in which I was young and loved the outdoors) I'd totally be all over this internship at a local (Astoria!) urban farm.

* We already have a slow-food movement - why not a slow-museum movement?

* The endless debate about the grammar of time travel.

* Veronica Mars fans - are you watching this ridiculous (and ridiculously amazing) spinoff staring Dick as a P.I.?

* Need. This. Now.

* OK Go has another new video. Is there anything these guys can't do??

* I challenge you to use at least one of the 10 unusual nature words in a convo this week!

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