Monday, November 3, 2014

52 photos/weeks 41-44

41.) A perfect day upstate with friends spent horseback riding, apple doughnut eating, hay riding, mulled wine drinking, board game playing, and flower field frolicking.
42.) One of my favorite parts of making a play is that moment right as you step into the bare rehearsal hall for the first time. So many possibilities await.
43.) Ain't that the truth.
44.) Because my plants make me smile.

52 photos is my personal challenge to take one awesome picture per week in 2014. All photos were taken by me on either my iPhone 5s or Cannon EOS Rebel T3i (my "big girl" camera). If edited, I use Snapseed, Instagram, or Adobe Lightroom. Follow me - @maspad - to see these and many more pics!


  1. This is me asking you out on a friend date. Are you free for even one hour on Sunday the 9th?

    1. I work from 11-6 on Sunday - so breakfast before? Drinks after?

  2. Time seemed to slip away from me this week. Another time soon?