Saturday, July 12, 2014

weekend link love 05

It seems like everybody and their brother are doing interwebs roundups this summer, and who am I to not jump on a bandwagon? (helloooo, FIFA!) I hope you're all having a lovely July and can take a pause from your bar-b-q-ing and beach reading and peek at what tickled my fancy this month ;)

*All those times I said my bagel place was the best? I wasn't lying!!!

*Going to a zillion weddings this summer? Ease the pain by playing Pinterest Wedding Bingo. Added bonus if you turn it into a drinking game.

*My dad rocks and shipped me my childhood bike! Now to try out some of New York's best bike rides.

*And now we know what Eloise (yes, that little girl who lived in the Plaza) has been up to

*So our oven broke last week (boo). But fingers crossed that we're getting a new one oh so very soon (yay!) And when we do, I can't wait to make this piethis pizza, and these muffins. Waistline be damned!!

*I didn't know bunting necklaces were a thing, but now I do, and now I want one.

*My love for OK Go was already pretty solidified when they turned a music video into one giant, continuous, four-minute long Rube-Goldberg machine, but their newest video might just be my favorite one yet.

*And finally, for the ultimate in physical comedy, I quite literally laughed so hard I cried while watching this.

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