Monday, July 28, 2014

three things

1.) I closed a show over the weekend. It was one of those rare occurrences where everyone associated with the production was downright wonderful - the actors, the designers, the crew, even front of house. I grew as a stage manager, was inspired by the director, and learned so much from one of the smartest playwrights, no, people, I've ever met. I looked forward to walking through the plaza and into those huge glass double doors each day, and I'm genuinely sad to see this one go. I don't have any work lined up over the next two months, and while I'll be spending a whole bunch of weekends in vacation transit, I'm pretty worried about finding a daytime survival job.

2.) Even though I was supposed to be working all weekend (see: above), I managed to move heaven and earth to get two days off so J and I could go to a wedding up in the Finger Lakes. It was one of the prettiest places I've been in a while - it reminded me so much of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan that my heart ached for summers past. The day after the wedding, one of the groomsmen rented a giant pontoon boat and we hopped aboard. For almost seven hours we sailed around in near-picture-perfect weather. Sandwiches and domestic light beers flowed freely, and every couple of miles we stopped to take a dip in the lake or just lay out on the bow and work on our tans. I never wanted it to end.

3.) Not that I need another hobby, but I recently took up knitting. It's slow and steady for now, but I'm working my way towards a soft grey cowl. While traveling back to the city from the wedding, I discovered that knitting is perfect for long car trips (when I'm not driving, of course) because it keeps my hands occupied but my brain free to converse with J. I worry, though, that the yarn is going to end up in the back of the closet with all my other half-finished craft projects that I began with the same vigor and enthusiasm as knitting. But maybe the recent threats of another winter-turned-polar-vortex will compel me to keep going on this one.

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