Wednesday, June 11, 2014

summer(2014): to-do

If last year was the summer of yes, then this year is the summer of slow down. We are all too busy, too over scheduled, and pulled in too many directions. It's not even halfway through June and I'm already stressing about how I'm going to get it all done this summer - how am I going to manage running two different productions while still making time for street fairs-flea markets-green markets-long walks-short skirts-outdoor movies-rooftop bars-panama hats-maxi dresses-bike rides and beach walks? When am I supposed to get it all done? Well, as my lovely friend Kristen recently reminded herself, it's time to put on the breaks. I need to stop trying to up with the Joneses (or in this day and age, keeping up with the perpetually sun-drenched and DIYed instagrammers and mommy bloggers) and go at my own pace. The other day I jotted and doodled some quick summer goals, and once I reached the end of the (relatively small) page, I stopped. No pushing for more, no stressing about opportunities lost. And the truth is, if I don't even get to half of the things on my list, I'll be ok. I'm just gonna keep on keepin' on for the next three months and most importantly, enjoy these summer moments - hopefully though, while wearing that panama hat and sipping that cocktail ;)

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