Friday, August 9, 2013

right now

anticipating an awesome girl's weekend in vegas next week

but nervous about the bikini I bought to wear at the pools

excited for the frozen pizza I'm going to make for lunch (it's the little things in life)

apprehensive about a show I have to run later today

and so relieved that rehearsals are over for a while

realizing that I need to dye my hair before next week

stressing over the how and where I'm supposed to fit the rest of my worldly possessions in this one-bedroom apartment

yet loving this cohabitation thing we've started

needing to do some serious laundry

pinteresting like crazy for storage solutions (shoes, jewelry, purses, herbs and spices...the list goes on and on...)

so geekily excited that instagram lets you straighten your pictures now

watching Orange is the New Black and reading At Home (by Bill Bryson)

...and guilty pleasure watching Project Runway ;)

giving myself a little (and much needed) pedicure

slowly sipping my coffee on my couch, in front of the tv, from something that's not a to-go cup

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