Sunday, June 2, 2013

365/photo-a-day - May Wrap-Up

mmm coffee - signs of spring - citi field - memorial day love - the highline - sunny day popsicle public art - 59th street - green market veggies- urban shadows - omelet - flatiron building 
memorial day street fair - green market flowers - citi field - derby juleps - central park (x2)
soho graffiti - mckittrick hotel - levain bakery - fresh chamomile - go mets - so many flowers
dinnertime - rainy day - rainy night - more graffiti - monday yoga - delicious bagel 

Well. This month.


You probably thought I'd hung up my apron and given up blogging for good. Hell, even I thought for a minute there that work had completely taken over my life and I'd never get another post written. This site would lie there in the Internet graveyard, next to Friendster, Prodigy, and the You've Got Mail voiceover, never to be seen or read again.

In the past 30 days, I logged more hours at work than I have in a very. long. time. Day after day spent in a cold and dark theater, working the same transition over and over agin until every perfectionist in the house was satisfied, fixing a musical number until I heard it in my sleep, opening and closing curtains until I could do it blindfold. I grew very, very tired.

However, it wasn't all bad (and I'm not really complaining, gainful employment is never a bad thing!). In the precious moments I was able escape the theater and acknowledge the outside world, I had some pretty great times. Walking the High Line with an old friend. A Mets-Reds game. Spending time in a huge art installation in a public park. A most wonderful Memorial Day that started with yoga in the park and ended with backyard beers with friends as the sun went down. Remembering to literally stop and smell the flowers in the green market I get to pass on my way to work.

I strayed a bit from my photo-a-day rule during this time. Some days, there was just no opportunity to take a photo that I would be proud to show. I even tried once to take a picture of an interesting-looking doorknob that adorns one of the set pieces, but theater lighting is just not conducive to Instagram. So I instead used the times I made it out of doors to take multiple photos and then spread those out over the month. It doesn't quite hold up to my rules, but as I've been learning over this past half a year, it's ok to break your own rules.

May by the numbers:
Photos of the sky: 6
Photos of flowers: 6
Food photos: 6
Photos of my feet: only 1! (it was a light yoga month)
Photos with people: 3 (I'm getting better. It's not great, but better!)

365/Photo-a-day is a personal undertaking to capture one photograph per day in 2013. All photos were taken by me and processed with Instagram, Snapseed, and/or PhotoToaster. The images were compiled using Picture Collage Maker Lite. What to see my pics as they happen? Follow me - @maspad on Instagram!

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