Saturday, June 15, 2013

365/Photo-a-day - June part 1

 daisies - 18th & b'way - singing for marriage equality - fluffy clouds - strawberries
sunset - rockefeller center statues - sunday brunch - teeny tiny cat - happy opening
more flowers - yoga - b'way stop - quiet saturday morning - found the before I die wall!

You guys. June is here! And it's pretty rad. (I've also been incorporating the word "rad" into the majority of my conversations). Finding explosions of color and fresh fruit in the union square green market, hanging with some giant stone statues at Rockefeller Center, enjoying long coffees with loved ones, and making friends with the tiniest kitten I've ever seen (don't worry mom, it was a co-workers, not mine) has made the past two weeks sooo necessarily relaxing and out-of-doors. And as I've come to not just realize, but fully understand, finding the inspiration to take a daily photograph is so much easier when the light is right, the weather is nice and I'm surrounded by delightfully exciting people

Summer of yes, y'all. Summer of yes.

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