Sunday, April 14, 2013

365/Photo-a-day - April part 1

rooftops in astoria - homemade pizza for dinner
lazy sunday bagel - the new yorker hotel

flags at rockefeller center - a view of 5ptz from a dirty 7-train window
queensboro bridge looking up - queensboro bridge looking out

sunset over manhattan - b-day flowers
more b-day flowers - rainy thursday

There's a fine line between getting the perfect shot and being that annoying girl who interrupts the dinner party to get said perfect shot. I already straddled this line more than a few times in my pre-365 Challenge days, but now that I have made it my mission to (attempt to) take at least one photo per day I find myself faced with this conundrum all the time. I am not the press. I have not been hired by the hosts of the dinner party to shoot the meal for a magazine spread. I have not been asked to editorialize the finer points of a quiet conversation For all intents and purposes, I am just another girl in hipster glasses taking an Amaro-hued photo of my overpriced cocktail.

And so I shy away. I choose to let the moment soak in and then fly free, unrecorded and soon forgotten. And as a result, I miss a ton of great photo-ops. Sangria with friends in the West Village. Celebrating 6 months with the boyfriend. Artisanal grilled cheeses in Brooklyn. And as a subsequent result, the photos I do take are safe. Uncontroversial. Of buildings and trees. Which aren't necessarily a bad thing, they're just a bit, well...boring.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this little photo project has proved to be more interesting and challenging than I first expected - which is exactly what a hobby should do. It's month four and I"m still going strong, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

365/Photo-a-day is a personal undertaking to take one photograph per day in 2013. All photos were taken by me and processed with Instagram, Snapseed and/or PhotoToaster. This time around, I formatted the pictures using the Diptic app. Wanna see my pics as they happen? Follow me, @maspad on Instagram!

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