Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shed a little light

I realize that my past few posts have had nothing to do with pie, but making theater in the mountains is hard work! Who has time for pie when there are sets to be moved, puppets to be rodded and floors to be swept?? I sure don't. <insert grumpy hungry face here>

Gratefully however, I have been able to find a few moments here and there to snap some photos on my phone, and I realized the other day that I had a handful of pics which depict the beautiful light that follows me in New Hampshire. Maybe it's because I spend the majority of my days in a darkened theater, but I make a point to notice and appreciate natural light in it's, well, natural setting.

1.) Looking up while laying down
2.) Light streams through the trees at the river
3.) Not the most well-composed picture ever, but I rolled over one morning to see my bedroom window making the most delightful shadows on the wall.
4.) Full moon sighting at the Mountainview Grand
5.) The sun sets over Whitefield, NH
6. & 7.) I took these two through the window of a moving vehicle; there was about a second or two time lapse between them, and they are both unedited photos. The color difference is due to the fast-moving clouds and the changing sky light.

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