Friday, April 15, 2016

status update

I'm between gigs right now and as a result, my brain is a giant jumble of thoughts and schedules and to-do lists and all the things I want to get done and all the things I need to get done and all the things I know I'm not going to get done even though I add them to my list each week and make a truly half-hearted attempt to accomplish. I did manage to knit almost 20 giant squares that I will eventually sew together to become a blanket (which is 20 more squares than I ever thought I'd make) and I treated myself to a float session in a sensory deprivation tank for my birthday where I discovered I could isolate individual muscles and learn exactly what they do and how they operate. Also, we saw Hamilton and I openly wept for the last 1/3 of the show because it was just that damn beautiful. April, yo.

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*I thought I loved my Fitbit, but then I got the Alta. Now I'm obsessed.
*Equality parenthood

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