Wednesday, August 12, 2015

afternoon delights

*My new favorite necklace

*Your window to the world

*I don't know when I'll return to Iceland next, but when I do I'm doing this

*Cheap camera + a less than perfect situation = a quick thinking and innovative photographer

*And speaking of cheap cameras, is it time for a new one?

*'Tis the season for crisps and crumblers and...pandowdys?

*I quite literally stumbled upon this store and it's just like Ikea but so much better

*When in doubt, order champagne

*This is important

*Crazy story that it is, I'm pretty sure it's the exact plot to that ever-so-memorable 1988 Lilly Tomlin/Bette Middler movie, Big Business 

*Adding another map of Paris to my wish list

*Absolutely stunning

*Photog crush of the month

*Is this my next subscription box? Or is this? Both??

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