Wednesday, June 17, 2015

afternoon delights

Summer is here! But will it ever stop raining? I mean there was that one perfect day last month but that was last month and now it's this month and I would really like to go sans-wellies at least once before fall. But the internet is a mystical and phantasmagorical place, and here are some of it's highlights to entertain you in between rainy walks to work.

* All the single ladies

* The only map I'll need in Paris this fall

* Cooking with Jackson Pollock

* From here on out, I'll be using one of these brilliant portmanteaus each day

* Get ready for some overgramming! I finally bit the bullet and joined the Astoria CSA, giving me fresh goodies from Golden Earthworm Farm - bring on the greens!

* Photog crushes of the week - her and him

* Stop being afraid (and while you're at it, how about you bring back the award for Sound Design?)

* Happy opening!

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