Wednesday, February 25, 2015

afternoon delights

February may be the shortest of all the months, but it sure feels like the longest when it's negative one million degrees outside and the wind chill is even worse and you can't catch a cab in Times Square at one in the morning. So if you're anything like me and suffering some serious winter doldrums, here are some things I recently found on the interwebs that might just take your mind off the weather - even if only for a moment ;)

*I put ground beef and pasta in my chili, so I guess that means I'm a strong-headed optimist

*You're doing better than you think you are

*My love for Shake Shack knows no bounds, and now you can (kinda sorta almost not really) make your own Shack Burgers

*I've got vacation on the brain and might treat myself to a new swimsuit for our upcoming trip to Mexico - I'm crushing on this, this, this, and this one.

*It's funny because it's true

*Samosas vs. Carmel DeLites - there IS a difference

*Fellow nerds unite! Read about the making of Monument Valley and celebrate that there's now (finally) and expansion pack

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