Friday, August 15, 2014

weekend link love 06

I'm off again on another weekend-o-fun (I swear I'll start working again day...), but until then, here's a quick collection of some my favorite things these here interwebs has had to offer. And as this summer begins its slow countdown, I wish you nothing less than a whole handful of red ripe tomatoes, a cool breeze from a northern lake, and more lazy days on a porch in the sun than you know what to do with :)

*I recently received a refrigerator full of leafy greens from a friend's CSA, and in an attempt to branch out and try new dishes, discovered the delicious wonder that is this cabbage slaw.

*A Gawker blogger put TGI Friday's "endless apps" promotion to the test and lived to tell the tale. She is my hero.

*A while ago, I started following a bizarre little blog that posts hand-drawn pictures of people's grocery lists (the internet is awesome, you guys). Intrigued by this concept, I sent in my own equally bizarre list of ingredients I had to purchase one harried morning before a tech rehearsal. It turned out to be the featured list this past week, and looking at it in pictograph form, I realized that my job is even more ridiculous than I previously thought.

*For your interactive and humanitarian clicking pleasure, this map ranks every country in the world according to a Global Peace Index. I know that no statistic is never fully not skewed, but it's nonetheless fascinating to read.

*I can't wake up without three different alarms, the sun streaming into my face, and preferably a marching band parading through my bedroom. Maybe a coffee-maker-turned-alarm-clock is the solution to my arousal?

*This article is beautifully written, empathetic, and inspiring. And it was published by Buzzfeed. Who knew?

*And finally, in the "this has no category" category, I looked down this afternoon and realized that my nails, tank top, AND phone case were the exact same shade of seafoam green. Is there a color interpreter in the house to help me analyze why I'm suddenly drawn to a color introduced by Crayola in 1949?

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