Friday, January 10, 2014

right now

Continuing my love affair with coffee and cereal

Getting lost in stories about getting lost - this book and this book proved impossible to put down

Trekking my way through a frozen city with the help of my new galoshes!

Loving weekly date nights aided by crock pots and Top Chef

Sipping my newest favorite smoked wheat beer

Redecorating a bedroom wall and supporting independent artists in the process - I just couldn't say no to this one and this one!

Wanderlusting after this delicious-sounding city

Wrapping myself in more layers than I'd ever thought possible

Counting down the days to my next beach-y getaway vacay (32 to be exact!)

Embracing my nerdy iphoneography ways with photojojo's newest polarizing lens

Triumphing over the winter blues with old friends and warm bagels

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