Sunday, March 3, 2013

365/Photo-a-day - February Wrap-Up

view from 10,000 feet - Cooper Square - clouds in Astoria - rooftops in Hogsmeade
staircase at the MoMA - Disneyworld! - a random closet that looked like it would lead to Narnia
beautiful day at the beach - palm trees
a swanky ride to work - mmm bagel - this is what happens when I work from home - MoMA artwork

February was an odd month, picture-wise. The first three weeks, I was working long hours in a dark theater in a cold and slushy city - good photo ops were hard to come by. During the last week, however, I put myself on a plane and jetted off to a much (much) needed vacation to the sunny themeparkland known as Florida. Over the course of five days, I took over a dozen 365-worthy pictures. And while I told myself in January that as long as I ended up with one picture for every day of the month it would count towards my project, I didn't want to just assume that I'd fill up the month of February with pictures from one vacation - that wasn't quite in the spirit of the game. So instead, I forced myself to do something that is often difficult - I made myself choose. I was in Florida for five days, so I picked the five best pictures (and one extra to start off the month of March...a girl's gotta break some rules!) to count towards the month. It was an interesting mini-challenge. It forced me to search for photographable moments even while immersed in the freezing cold of downtown New York, and it caused me to look at the collection I created in Florida with an even more focused eye than normal. 

February By the Numbers
*Food photos: 5
*Actions shots: 3 (falling snow, a flying airplane and a moving car)
*Photos with people/animals: 3
*Pictures of my feet: 2 (week #2 saw a lot of yoga and not much else)
*Overdramatic photos with clouds: 9


  1. Mary -- I just stumbled upon your blog, it's so cute! What do you use to compile these pictures? I'm undertaking a similar project myself and yours looks great!

  2. Hi Nicole! I use a program called Picture Collage Maker Lite - it's a free app for Macs (found on the app store and for my laptop, not my phone). It has some drawbacks, but the full version is more than I want to spend at this point - and I've been pleased with the final version of the collages I've made. But I'm always looking for new programs, so if you find others that work as well, let me know! And good luck with your project!