Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rhubarb fail

I woke up early today with a plan to pick up some fresh strawberries and rhubarb at the Union Square Green Market; these ingredients would then go into a pie so succulent and wonderful that patisseriers all over the world would come to Astoria for a taste.

Unfortunately, there was no rhubarb to be found.

I did see plenty of herbs...

and flowers...

and funny ferns called fiddleheads...

But no rhubarb. Anywhere.

I also checked at the Trader Joe's across the street, to no success.

Did I miss rhubarb season?!?!

I certainly hope not.

In the meantime, I will console myself with the apple I bought. It cost me $1 (for just ONE apple!), but it's a honeycrisp, and it is delicious.

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