Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This post has nothing to do with pie

I got back late last night from a much needed weekend getaway out west. Southwest, to be more specific. I had the pleasure of taking a mini round-trip road trip from Denver, CO to Albuquerque, NM, and filled my five days with beautiful vistas, rising mountains, kitschy travel lodge signs, and endless and empty roads. After many (many) months of not leaving the overcrowded and often really smelly subways and streets of New York, this was a much needed respite. I was able to find some pie (that'll be discussed and dissected in a later post), but I basically spent the time flipping through magazines, enjoying the unraveling scenery and taking a bajillion photos. Here are some of my favorites :)

Disclaimer: It was unfortunately and uncharacteristically cloudy for the first two days of the road trip, so I took that opportunity to experiment with some fun photo filters. The following pictures were taken with my iPhone and edited with the pretty fantastic PhotoToaster app.

Downtown Denver

Black and white tree outside of Red Rocks


Roadside signs abound

Rural New Mexico

Finding art at the Denver Art Center
Drivin along in my automobile

Things you don't get to see in Manhattan

Looking down at Red Rocks Arena
Church in Santa Fe, NM
Old sinage in Madrid, NM

Technicolor New Mexico

Outside the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History

Such blue skies

More Santa Fe church

Pretty doors
Not sure if/when we actually drove on this road, but I took a picture nonetheless

So pretty

Along the Rio Grande

More pretty
These are the skies I came to see

Looking up - Taos, NM

My favorite lone tree
Lomo-fied road

Endless road.

Sunset time

Mountains help to pass the time

A final view from seat 3A

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